October Employee of the Month: dJ/dx

dJ/dx is our first ever DJ of the month! While she’s not currently up on the schedule for DJing, she has earned the title by being the single most helpful, charismatic, motivated youngin we have in our studio. She just a month ago, and she’s already on everyone’s radars for being the coolest cat in town.

dJ/dx channeled her past sound experience from working at a music venue/coffee shop in high school to help upperclassmen and sound engineer, DJ John, work to create sound for our past Fridays on the Lawn with Stu McLamb of The Love LanguageLoamlandsJonny Alright, and Virgins Family Band. She’s even committed to our next Fridays on the Lawn, featuring Naked Gods and Ghostt Bllonde!


So, as our first Employee of the Month, let’s put her in some seriously uncomfortable  situations:

C’est la Bri (C): Why did you grace WKNC with your golden presence?
dJ/dx (d): I like music a lot. (giggle) You guys are super cool. I don’t know words.
C: If WKNC was a baked good, what baked good would it be?
d: Oh my god, what? I don’t know. Oh my god, baklava is so good!
C: What’s your favorite thing to do that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable?
d: Dance! I love to dance. Dance is an expression of what the music makes you feel. It puts it into a physical form. Music is good.
C: What’s the worst band of all time?
d: Nickelback. That’s what private Spotify is for.
C: Favorite food?
d: The obvious, pizza. But also I really like black beans and rice. And hummus. It’s really good! And… food is good. Salsa. I could eat it with a spoon.
C: What did you dress up as for Halloween?
d: I was planning on being Juno, but the thing that was going to go into my stomach wouldn’t stay there, so I went as a Ravenclaw member. I could’ve been post-pregnant Juno. Or a combined hipster, pregnant Hogwarts student? What would happen if you get pregnant at Hogwarts? Magical abortions?

There you have it. Tune in every first Tuesday of the month to find out who the new employee of the month is!